Welcome to my podcast! Hungry will cover Environmental Justice topics including Food Injustice, Food Deserts, Urban Farms, Food Waste, Composting, and so much more. This podcast was started for my Environmental Justice course at California State University Northridge.


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Jennifer Barrera is a Senior at California State University Northridge, majoring in Chicana/o Studies. She is an aspiring community college guidance counselor and Chicana/o studies professor. She is passionate about working with minority, first-generation students throughout their academic journies. She lives a sustainable lifestyle by eating a whole food, plant-based diet, driving a Prius, and cutting her foodwaste practices. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys traveling, cooking, baking, watching movies, and singing.

    Show Notes for Episode 1

    This episode discusses Food Injustice and we will learn about 2 organizations, the Central California Environmental Justice Network and Black Thumb Farms, who are fighting against food injustice, cultivating fresh produce from seed to harvest, and teaching their participants about food sovereignty.


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